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Re: Some questions

Clint Dilks wrote:
vafa aol com au wrote:
I am using Fedora 10 (Gnome desktop on x86_64).

1- How do I install Adobe flash player?

2- How do I install Adobe PDF reader?

3- How Can I listen to MP3 files and watch movies?

4- How do I install nvida driver?
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First Google is your friend searching for Fedora and these topics will return a lot of results.

I would suggest that you look at http://www.fedorafaq.org/ it hasn't been updated for Fedora 10 yet but most likely will be shortly. I am guessing that most of it will still be applicable.

Good Luck :)

Next, read the Release Notes for F10. It contains important information about the release. Finally, read the Guidelines link at the bottom of each email message. It givews you some guidelines about how to post mesages to this list. In particular, not to post in HTML....

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