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Re: FC 10-Live cd locks up during boot.

On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 10:44:39PM -0500, Jim wrote:
> FC 10 install on PC.
> FC 10-KDE-live cd boots and goes through the boot process, after it gets  
> to the process of "Starting Cups" OK
> After that the process just locks up.
> The cd passes test and the sha1sum test.
> I also used a FC10 Preview disk that I used to install with earlier on a  
> Laptop, and it also locked up during boot.
> I also put a FC8-Live cd in and it went all the way through to the desktop.
> Something about FC10 on this PC that already has FC8 installed on it ,  
> is having troubles with booting on a Live Cd.
> Any commands that I can feed to the boot process ??

If it is, in fact, a problem with cups, you can use the "I" key toward
the beginning of the startup process (when you see "Welcome to Fedora"
in the console messages) to perform an interactive startup.  You can
safely answer "Y" to every initscript startup until you reach the cups
line.  Choose "N" for that script, and then at the next script you can
choose "C" to continue booting.  If you experience a lockup within the
next few scripts I would start to suspect other causes, like low RAM.

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