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[F10] Graphical network configuration anomaly


I am among the one of first to grab the Fedora 10 release. Just
installed the fresh copy from i386-DVD and installation went smooth.
After reboot, I tried to set my network card from DHCP to static IP
through Gnome Network Administration tool and everything became a mess
plus my network stopped working.

It seems like the graphical network configuration tools still have problem.

These are the problem I found.

1) In graphical network configuration - when you set the IP Address,
Subnet mask and gateway, save the changes. When I went back, my subnet
mask was replaced with my gateway address.

2) network daemon was initially disabled in the services, which I
found out and set to run in run levels 3 and 5.

3) DNS addresses set were not there in /etc/resolv.conf file. It was blank.


To solve the problem I did following in command line:

1) set the Network Manager off
2) made changes in  "/etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0" as follows:

a) ONBOOT=no (previous setting) changed to ONBOOT=yes
b) NETMASK= and GATEWAY= (previously), changed
NETMASK to right setting

3) set the DNS entry by hand in /etc/resovl.conf file


Now it is working.

By the way I didn't see the network card configuration during setup
process which I used to see in previous Fedora installaions.  I
skipped Fedora 9.

Are you experiencing also the same (similar) problems in Fedora 10? or
I am the only one? Please confirm.


Registered Linux User #460714
Currently Using FC8

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