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Re: F10 installation error

Luc MAIGNAN wrote:

I wanted to install F10 on an external FireWire drive (Western Digital MyPasseport III). But unfortunaly, F10 is unable to format it (it hangs after 90%) ou write packages on it (hangs after 450 packages on 1300).
There was any problem on the same hardware with F9.

ANyone has an idea ?

Do you have any messages on the text consoles when it hangs? (ctrl-alt and F1-F4 to switch between installer startup messages, interactive shell, anaconda log and syslog VTs during a graphical install).

If there's something there it would be good to capture it & post it to the list.

If the whole system hangs and doesn't respond to the keyboard then you may need to set up a serial console to be able to capture this stuff.

If you don't get anything logged and the system is still responsive, it would be worth getting some sysrq-t data - run:

echo t > /proc/sysrq-trigger

In the shell on VT2 and then copy the resulting logs to another machine. This should show where things are getting stuck.

It might also be worth trying a LiveCD and then trying to do stuff to the firewire drive to try to reproduce the problem in a simpler environment (e.g. just try to format or copy lots of data to it).


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