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KDE 4.2 is going to rock !

I've been grumbling about KDE 4.x since it came out.  I've been
lamenting the lack of "traditional" desktop usability, etc.  I'm
actually running F8 because it has KDE 3.5.10 instead of KDE4.x  I
suspect that I am not alone.

(Save your breath if you feel the need to tell me that KDE4.x works fine
for you or if you think I should adopt the KDE4 "way of doing things" on
the desktop.  Thanks.)

Anyway... I've been keeping a close eye on KDE4.2 and its shaping up to
be an outstanding release.

Here is a list of features for it:


Under Plasma Priority Features, we have this little gem:
"panel->desktop dragging"  And then there is "Save icon positioning in
folderview"  Finally !

There is a good discussion (argument) about the whole traditional
desktop functionality in KDE4.x in this thread:

It seems as though I am not the only one unhappy with the desktop
functionality in the current KDE4.x releases.   But it seems that the
developers have been listening and have accommodated the requests of
those wanting that sort of functionality. 

The thread has a number of links to KDE 4.2 images and videos and I am
blown away by the functionality that KDE 4.2 seems to contain.  I love
the intermixing of the Plasma tablet, folderviews and the traditional
desktop functionality.  KDE 4.2 is going to rock.  I can't wait for it
to be released.

KDE 4.2 is slated to be released in late January.  I'd *LOVE* to hear
that some of the desktop functionality got ported to a KDE 4.1.x
release.  I'd update to F9 or even F10 as soon as I learned that.  In
the mean time, I'll wait eagerly for KDE 4.2.  I figure it should hit
F10 about mid February.

On a related note, KDE 4.2 Beta 1 should be released today.    

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