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Re: has K3B been abandoned?

try to run unlimit before running k3b

try with a rw disk

On 11/26/2008 1:59 PM, Fred Silsbee wrote:
K3b is a piece of work...

I have 2 CD/DVD burner drives
Plextor $120+
Sony $50

Fedora doesn't like the Plextor...I guess

after downloading F10 for 9.5 hours, I tried to burn a ISO-DVD.

The simplest operation?

I wasted 4 blanks making 3 final copies that haved been checked to be good!.

The Plextor would get an error and then hang K3B

I'd kill it with kill -9 and then the drive would be locked up and even hung the eject command.

I had to reboot to open the drive. Sometimes I have to reboot to do a second operation!

and even once the "bring things back" facility had the #$%&  thing running again.

OH YES! an old error reported forever

When making an ISO DVD, the verify write facility still doesn't work

even on the Sony drive. It says "couldn't find a DVD to verify.

Make things easy: if there is an error:

(1) release the drive announcing ithat the DVD is no longer blank!
(2) eject the DVD
(3) terminate all processes and subprocesses that stay running(i.e. die and go away)
(4) work on the program some more.


Itamar Reis Peixoto

e-mail/msn: itamar ispbrasil com br
sip: itamar ispbrasil com br
skype: itamarjp
icq: 81053601
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