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Troubles downloading Fedora DVD iso

I am trying to download the DVD iso for Fedora 10 using curl.
Instead of getting the full 3.4Gb, it always stops at this exact size =  1073762304 Nov 26 09:21 Fedora-10-i386-DVD.iso

I have tried the Fedora 9 DVD iso but had the same issue.   I have tried different mirrors --- still same problem.
There is plenty of space on the server.

Could anyone please tell me what I might be doing wrong?  (I have successfully downloaded DVDs and CDs using this approach before.)

Here is the full script I am using...minus our real server name and port.

#! /bin/sh

function get_iso {
   curl -v -x <our proxy server>:<our port> -C - -O $URL
}  # End of function get_iso


Any help is much appreciated!

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