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Re: does the DVD ISO for F10 ever change?

Fred Silsbee wrote:
Let me explain:

I just downloaded F10 dvd iso and burned it onto a DVD -R

It works great and survived a number of tests.

Question: If I repeat the procedure in a few months, will the data change due to updates!

I.e. does the dvd iso image keep up with updates?

If not, I'd expect that the backlog of yum updates would be staggering in a few months.

It doesn't change. There is an organization with a link on the Fedora site that does do updated DVDs. Fedora-remix?

And yes, the changes are huge even after a month or so. But it all works. In that situation, you would select a minimal install from the DVD, then use another method to add all the packages you want to save the time of installing the obsolete packages first.

eg  rpm -qa > package-list.txt

Edit this to make it a shell script with yum and run it.

eg yum -y update  package name on each line.

Not sophisticated but works.

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