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Re: Troubles downloading Fedora DVD iso

Denise Agosti dana com wrote:

I am trying to download the DVD iso for Fedora 10 using curl.
Instead of getting the full 3.4Gb, it always stops at this exact size = 1073762304 Nov 26 09:21 Fedora-10-i386-DVD.iso

2**30 is 1073741824, the difference is only 480. Are there any quotas on your system for individual users (i.e. you).

I have tried the Fedora 9 DVD iso but had the same issue. I have tried different mirrors --- still same problem.
There is plenty of space on the server.

Could anyone please tell me what I might be doing wrong? (I have successfully downloaded DVDs and CDs using this approach before.)

Here is the full script I am using...minus our real server name and port.

#! /bin/sh

function get_iso {
   curl -v -x <our proxy server>:<our port> -C - -O $URL
}  # End of function get_iso


Any help is much appreciated!

I can't answer your specific problem, but I would try some things.

Look in the logs to see if the system is doing it for some reason.

Try it using wget. Doesn't work, eliminates curl as the problem.

Try a different mirror. It shouldn't be but maybe this mirror has timeout or size settings.

Try running with restart on. See if the download will pick up and complete.

Maybe someone else will have seen this exact problem and be able to give you a definite answer.

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