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RE: root login

Hi All 

Many thanks got it fixed now by editing the gdm file


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Nick wrote:
> Tried that when I go to save it   I get a error message that I don’t have
> the permissions necessary to save the file.
> If I do a whoami I am root
> Where do I go from here

then there may be some other problems.

at boot screen, press <tab> and 'e' to edit. cursor down to line starting
with 'kernel' press <e> to edit, add to end of line '1'. press <enter>,
then <b> to boot.

you will start in level 1 maintenance mode.

'cd /etc', 'cp inittab inittab.bak', 'vi inittab', cursor down to line with
'id:5:initdefault:'. cursor to '5' press <r>, press '3', enter in sequence,
':qw'. then enter 'reboot'.

this should bring you up in 'command line' mode. enter 'root' at login prompt,
enter root password.

if refused, you may be using wrong password. changing password is another
'level 1' operation, which can be gone thru it above does not work.

peace out.



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