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Re: has K3B been abandoned?

On Wednesday 26 November 2008 20:15, dexter wrote:
> On Wed November 26 2008 15:59:49 Fred Silsbee wrote:
> > after downloading F10 for 9.5 hours,
> Downloading on release day is for n00bs, I learnt this some time back!
> take it some days before or after.
> ...dex

9.5 hours is peanuts. Try it on dialup. Downloading my 6 cd iso's for F9 took 
between 12, and 14 days. You need a lot of patience when on dialup.

I'm not even considering F10 at the moment. I'll have to psyche myself up once 
again, before going for the F10 iso downloads.

Regarding burning. I've no experience with burning to dvd media, but have read 
that Plextor optical drives, expensive as they are, do have problems.

I always burn to cd at the lowest speed (I did have problems burning at higher 
speeds with K3b), and havn't had any failures when burning at the lowest burn 

You mention that you have 2 burners, the Plextor one, and the Sony one, and 
when you had the dvd media in the Sony one, K3b couldn't find the media. 
That's probably no surprise, as K3b's config/preferences is no doubt set to 
look for media in the block device which is set for the Plextor optical 

Saying that though, looking at K3b's settings > configure K3b > Devices. It 
says here.

K3b tries to detect all your devices properly. You can add devices that have 
not been detected, and change the block values by clicking in the list. If 
K3b is unable to detect your drive, you need to modify their permissions to 
give K3b write access to all devices.
< end quote>

Looking at the Devices page on this machine which only has one optical drive, 
the line, "System device name" says /dev/scd0 (4.0.0).

There is an "Add Device" button on the devices page. I'd suggest using that, 
and entering /dev/scd1, which may well pick up your Sony optical drive.

Then (perhaps after a reboot) see if K3b will detect dvd media in your Sony 
optical drive.

Just some thoughts, and only trying to help.


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