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RE: root login


not sure who you are, nor am i sure i understand your remarks. if your feelings are hurt, don't take it personally. i've seen people give seriously good advice. i've seen people give advice that would screw the hell out of the system of the person who was looking for help.

the fact, your approach wasn't the issue the guy was dealing with. would it have harmed his system, no. was it the issue, again, no.

unless you "know"/trust the person giveing the advice, or unless you see it from a number of different people, i would argue that you should take anything with a huge assed grain of salt!

relax, have some turkey!

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bruce wrote:

> not sure why some kept telling you to deal with the init file... 

good. if you do not know then those of us who do will continue to
keep it a secret.

> moral of story: be careful when taking advice of people you don't know!!!

you can keep your reason for being snide a secret too.

peace out.



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