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Re: does the DVD ISO for F10 ever change?

Steven Stern wrote:
Fred Silsbee wrote:
Let me explain:

I just downloaded F10 dvd iso and burned it onto a DVD -R

It works great and survived a number of tests.

Question: If I repeat the procedure in a few months, will the data change due to updates!

I.e. does the dvd iso image keep up with updates?

If not, I'd expect that the backlog of yum updates would be staggering in a few months.

See "re-spins" at http://fedoraunity.org/

More generally, we don't change the contents of any distribution file (be it .rpm or .iso) without renaming it, except when we sign RPMs. Otherwise we'd get false alarms all over the place about GPG signatures not matching, and then people would ignore those warnings when their downloads got corrupted or an attacker successfully served them a trojaned file. The rename may be as simple as incrementing a version number or adding a datestamp, but something will change.

-- Chris

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