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Re: F10 yum tries to install F9 rpms

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 10:20 PM, Paul Smith <phhs80 gmail com> wrote:
>>>> I have just upgraded from F9 to F10. However, when I run 'yum update',
>>>> it tries to install F9 rpms. Can I do something to avoid this problem?
>>> Try
>>> yum clean all
>>> then try yum update again. I am guessing you have old metadata in your yum
>>> cache.
>> Thanks, but no progress with
>> yum clean all
>> Moreover, no fedora.repo.rpmnew:
>> # dir  /etc/yum.repos.d/
>> adobe-linux-i386.repo               pptp.repo
>> CRAN.repo                           remi.repo
>> endurs_i686.repo                    rpmfusion-free-rawhide.repo
>> fedora-rawhide.repo                 rpmfusion-free.repo
>> fedora.repo                         rpmfusion-free-updates.repo
>> fedora-updates-newkey.repo          rpmfusion-free-updates-testing.repo
>> fedora-updates.repo                 rpmfusion-nonfree-rawhide.repo
>> fedora-updates-testing-newkey.repo  rpmfusion-nonfree.repo
>> fedora-updates-testing.repo         rpmfusion-nonfree-updates.repo
>> freshrpms.repo                      rpmfusion-nonfree-updates-testing.repo
>> google.repo                         texlive.repo
>> #
> Let me add that I have upgraded from F9 to F10 with
> Fedora-10-i386-DVD.iso

And it tries to install the following rpms:

 Package                   Arch     Version             Repository        Size
 PyKDE4                    i386     4.1.3-1.fc9         updates-newkey   4.1 M
 imlib2                    i386     1.4.2-2.fc9         updates-newkey   575 k
 kdeaccessibility          i386     1:4.1.3-1.fc9       updates-newkey   6.3 M
 kdeartwork                i386     4.1.3-2.fc9         updates-newkey   4.7 M
 kdebase                   i386     6:4.1.3-2.fc9       updates-newkey   5.7 M
 kdebase-libs              i386     6:4.1.3-2.fc9       updates-newkey   266 k
 kdebase-runtime           i386     4.1.3-1.fc9         updates-newkey   5.7 M
 kdebase-runtime-libs      i386     4.1.3-1.fc9         updates-newkey   680 k
 kdebase-workspace         i386     4.1.3-6.fc9         updates-newkey    10 M
 kdebase-workspace-devel   i386     4.1.3-6.fc9         updates-newkey   186 k
 kdebase-workspace-libs    i386     4.1.3-6.fc9         updates-newkey   1.1 M
 kdegames                  i386     6:4.1.3-1.fc9       updates-newkey    28 M
 kdegames-libs             i386     6:4.1.3-1.fc9       updates-newkey   614 k
 kdegraphics               i386     7:4.1.3-1.fc9.1     updates-newkey   2.4 M
 kdegraphics-libs          i386     7:4.1.3-1.fc9.1     updates-newkey   1.7 M
 kdelibs                   i386     6:4.1.3-3.fc9       updates-newkey    12 M
 kdelibs-common            i386     6:4.1.3-3.fc9       updates-newkey   261 k
 kdelibs-devel             i386     6:4.1.3-3.fc9       updates-newkey   1.6 M
 kdemultimedia             i386     6:4.1.3-1.fc9       updates-newkey   1.6 M
 kdemultimedia-devel       i386     6:4.1.3-1.fc9       updates-newkey    16 k
 kdemultimedia-libs        i386     6:4.1.3-1.fc9       updates-newkey   312 k
 kdenetwork                i386     7:4.1.3-1.fc9       updates-newkey   7.9 M
 kdenetwork-libs           i386     7:4.1.3-1.fc9       updates-newkey   2.0 M
 kdepimlibs                i386     4.1.3-1.fc9         updates-newkey   2.4 M
 kdepimlibs-devel          i386     4.1.3-1.fc9         updates-newkey   324 k
 kdeplasma-addons          i386     4.1.3-1.fc9         updates-newkey   1.0 M
 kdesdk                    i386     4.1.3-1.fc9         updates-newkey   6.8 M
 kdesdk-libs               i386     4.1.3-1.fc9         updates-newkey   283 k
 kdesdk-utils              i386     4.1.3-1.fc9         updates-newkey   258 k
 kdeutils                  i386     6:4.1.3-1.fc9       updates-newkey   3.1 M
 ksysguardd                i386     4.1.3-6.fc9         updates-newkey    66 k
 libv4l                    i386     0.5.6-1.fc9         updates-newkey    71 k
 oxygen-icon-theme         noarch   4.1.3-1.fc9         updates-newkey    13 M
 phonon-backend-xine       i386     4.1.3-1.fc9         updates-newkey   131 k
 qt                        i386     1:4.4.3-5.fc9       updates-newkey   3.5 M
 qt-devel                  i386     1:4.4.3-5.fc9       updates-newkey   7.0 M
 qt-mysql                  i386     1:4.4.3-5.fc9       updates-newkey    46 k
 qt-x11                    i386     1:4.4.3-5.fc9       updates-newkey    12 M
 setroubleshoot            noarch   2.0.12-4.fc9        updates-newkey   121 k
 setroubleshoot-server     noarch   2.0.12-4.fc9        updates-newkey   1.3 M
 xscreensaver              i386     1:5.07-3.fc9        updates-newkey    25 k
 xscreensaver-base         i386     1:5.07-3.fc9        updates-newkey   508 k
 xscreensaver-extras       i386     1:5.07-3.fc9        updates-newkey   3.7 M
 xscreensaver-gl-base      i386     1:5.07-3.fc9        updates-newkey    35 k
 xscreensaver-gl-extras    i386     1:5.07-3.fc9        updates-newkey   3.8 M

Transaction Summary
Install      0 Package(s)
Update      45 Package(s)
Remove       0 Package(s)

Total download size: 158 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

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