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F10 nfs installs

Two related questions:

I created a bootable CD from images/boot.iso on the F10 DVD iso.  I put the
iso file on my fileserver, then booted from the bootable CD that I just created
and told the installer to do a NFS install and pointed it to the directory on
my fileserver where the iso image was.  It complained that it can't find the
files and keeps adding "images/install.img" to the path that I entered.
Therefore, I'm thinking that the nfs installer can no longer look inside of the
iso image to find the files but I will now have to copy the files out onto a
real directory on the fileserver so the installer can find them.  The nfs
installer used to be smart enough to just look inside of the iso, so has that
capability gone away?

Second, there used to be a file called images/diskboot.img that you could just
copy to a usb flash drive using dd which you could then boot from to do a nfs
install.  That file seems to no longer be present.  I would prefer not to have
to install from a live image but rather to just do a "regular" nfs install from
my fileserver, so how can I create a bootable usb flash drive to make that

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