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Time setting problem

I have installed the F10 KDE live cd on a USB stick using the livecd-iso-to disk utility. I also added an overlay for persistence.

I have run in to a problem in setting the time. There are two scenarios but I am not sure whether they are related.

1. When using the Date/Time settings tool to change the time zone, the new time zoning setting does not immediately take effect even though the tool shows that it is contacting an NTP server. The time does not actually change until a few minutes later.

2. When I reboot the system, the initially displayed time is incorrect. After three or four minutes, the time resets to the correct value. I've looked in /var/log/messages and it looks like ntp comes up and tries to contact a time server before the network comes up. It then retries a few minutes later by which time the network is up and a time server is available.

The second scenario looks like it might be related to the new faster booting in that things are done in the wrong order but what about the first? Is this just an issue related to the live CD? I am thinking about filing a bug but I would like some feedback from the list before I do so.


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