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Re: weigh in if you have or have had the iso dvd burn no verify problem

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 02:10:06PM -0800, Rick Stevens wrote:
> Fred Silsbee wrote:
>> --- On Wed, 11/26/08, Rick Stevens <ricks nerd com> wrote:
> [snip]
>>>> You should state how you are burning. The program
>>> name. Disc type, (DL or not) and ISO type (Fedora 10 image?
>>> or your own?)
>>>> If you're talking about Brasero, yes, I have this
>>> issue all the time. In fact I've also seen it with
>>> nautilus. Sometimes the DVD will get ejected  after burning
>>> and sometimes it will be ejected, then the door will close
>>> automatically and immediately. Even for the exact same ISO
>>> file. There is no logic to it.
>>> I think this is a race condition between the automounter
>>> and the burning
>>> software:  the burner resets the drive (thereby doing the
>>> eject), then
>>> it reloads the drive but Gnome or whatever is grabbing it
>>> before the
>>> burner code can.  Perhaps disabling the automount would fix
>>> that.
>>> Just an idea to try.
>> How does one  "disabling the automount"
> If you're using Gnome, open the "System" menu, then go to
> "Preferences-->Personal-->File Management" and open the "Media" tab.
> You can select actions for the various kind of removable media.  Either
> set each to "Do Nothing" or select the "Never prompt or start programs  
> on media insertion" option near the bottom.
> In KDE, I don't know, but I'm sure there's something similar.

I just burnt the DVD ISO today (one i386, one x86_64) and my automount
is on (like the default).  It didn't cause any problem here, so you
may have a particular hardware issue that might produce a useful bug

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