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RE: F9 DOS attack

yes.. vitalstream!! that was it, with internap...

hey.. is the email address at the bottom valid for you?


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bruce wrote:
> hey rick...
> are you the same rick, who used to work with a company in san mateo.. that
> used to deal with akamai...

A couple of friends and I founded "SiteStream" in '99.  In '01 we merged
with another company and renamed the new beast "VitalStream", which was
an Akamai (and SpeedEra) competitor.  We were based in Irvine in SoCal
(San Mateo is in NoCal).

VitalStream was acquired by Internap in February of '06 and they've made
a sad hash of what was a great company.  I left there in April of '08 as
I couldn't stand to watch my baby abused the way it was any longer.
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