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Re: Quest8ion about what backup util to use.

Steven W. Orr wrote:
I have a dirt simple backup scheme. I have a list of directories that I back up and they all get copied to a disk that was put in just for that purpose. I used to use something called flexbackup, but it occasionally had problems and it hasn't been supported in years.

I'd like to give it a conf file and have a full backup run of those dirs once a month and then have incrementals done on a daily basis. The resulting files should be somehow compressed and easy to access when needed.

(I go on the presumption that you only need your backup if you don't make it.)

Is there a favored util that will do what I want?

Backuppc is close. It is really intended to back up multiple machines over a network with a web interface to browse and restore, but it will work locally and you can mount your extra disk in it's archive location.

 Les Mikesell
  lesmikesell gmail com

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