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F10: Lots of "issues"... Evolution, Synaptic (touch pad), Plasma (folder view)...

I installed F10 this afternoon as an upgrade from F8 using preupgrade.
That process went well.

I ran the F10 KDE Live all morning.   I didn't encounter any problems
with it, but I have lots of issues with F10 now that I have it

Here is a list of the problems I am having:

1) Evolution is asking for the passwords for all my mail accounts every
time I start it.  HUGE PAIN.  BTW: Evolution uses a new db.  It took
longer to re index my emails than it did to install F10 !

2) No spell checking in Evolution.  Rather spell checking is marking
every word as mis spelled.  Every word I am typing in this post is
underlined in red.

3) The synaptic touch pad configuration tool I had installed in F8
doesn't work in F10.  I can't turn the touchpad off on my laptop and
every time I brush my sleeve over it, the cursor moves when I don't want
it to.

4) Folder view is crashing/freezing my computer and I am getting Plasma
errors.  Something is messed up. 

5) Neither Konqueror nor Firefox nor Opera will view a youtube video due
to complaints about needing to install the latest flash plugin.  And I
already have.  Firefox works once in a while. 

6) Ark won't extract a single file from an archive.

All this and I've only been using F10 for a couple hours.


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