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Re: Not able to Login to F10

Hi there,

Got the same issue. Fix was easy.

X -configure

Makes a xorg.conf file in /etc/X11

Then try to change some settings like:

Option     "NoAccel"

Or disable DRI etc...

Before you can type these command's you need the console before it crashes
to X.
You need to single boot the system (or init 3), so in grub, get the line:

In grub menu:
and e again on this line:
/vmlinuz- ro root=UUID=blablabla rhgb single

The Enter to save for this moment, and then type "b".

If you have a Intel 965 and below chipset, remember, you virtual desktop
cannot be larger then 2048X2048 with Acceleration. But it's maybe easyer
if you send the hardware information.

Good luck!


> On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 1:52 PM, Anoop <anoop chargotra gmail com> wrote:
>> Hi List,
>>           I installed F10 in text mode from F10 DVD. Graphical mode
>> was giving issues, like sometimes system was freezing and on other
>> occasions I was just able to move the mouse cursor.
>> Installation went fine but when booted, I encountered same problem. I
>> could not see anything on console, though there was a progress bar at
>> the bottom of the screen going from left corner to right corner. I am
>> able to see login screen sometimes and on other occasions screen is
>> blur. Sometimes mouse gets stuck.
>> I was able to login once, but GUI freezed, though I was able to move
>> mouse cursor. After this, my login screen is not at all responsive. It
>> is showing me two option. reboot or shutdown but I am not able to do
>> any.
>> Till yesterday my F9 works like charm with full yum updates.
>> Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
> Can you do Alt+F2 and login to the console?
> If you can, install updates and reboot.
> Also, what hardware -- graphics, motherboard etc?
> Steve
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