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Re: yum update on a Live USB Stick

On Thu, 27 Nov 2008, Daniel Kirsten wrote:

I transfered the  F10-i686-Live-KDE.iso  to a  2GB USB-Stick (vfat) as
described on

The stick booted well, but when I tried  make   yum update , yum crashed.
I got tons of ext3-related error messages, altough the stick has a vfat file
After the crash,  I was no longer able to access the stick and dmesg,
shutdown, ...  did not work.

Is it generally impossible to make yum update on a live medium, or did
it fail due to hardware problems?

The liveCD is basically a read-only file system. On top of that you can ask for an overlay file on the USB stick when you install it to USB, otherwise I think you get a memory overlay and changes are written to the overlay rather than the original read-only image. You are probably getting the ext3 errors once the overlay space has been used up. Probably you don't have space to apply all available updates, but you will probably succeed in applying a few selected updates as required.

	Michael Young

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