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Re: F10 NFS Install Query

John Austin wrote:
On Thu, 2008-11-27 at 11:20 +0000, Simon Andrews wrote:
Simon Andrews wrote:

Someone else reported that you can bypass the problem by specifying your nfs directory in the initial boot options:


This worked for me.
I've reported this as a bug BZ#473251

I have tried the method=nfsiso:example.com:/some/dir/ when using the
main DVD to boot from - that failed.

That's odd - I've done this (using the netinstall image rather than the install DVD) on a few machines now and it's worked every time. I'd be surprised if the install DVD acted differently to the netinstall CD in this regard.

How does it fail when you try this? Is it still looking for an /images/ directory?

I have successfully tried the method suggested by
Alex Viskovatoff in the other thread

Glad you managed to get it working somehow.

I think it probably only needs the documentation updating
to say put the install.img file in an images subdirectory for an NFS

I disagree. You shouldn't need to do this - and it make it a right pain if (as I have) you have an i386 and and x86_64 iso in the same nfs directory. Anaconda can handle this situation and I suspect that not being able to do this through the askmethod route will turn out to be a simple bug.


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