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Network install over wireless

It's been my experience that, in recent past, DVD drives -- especially laptop ones -- have become less and less reliable. I burned an F10 install DVD one one server. The DVD passes media check on one laptop. On a different, older laptop, media check kept failing, eventually it wouldn't even boot. So that DVD drive is probably shot, but that's the point. This is what the race to the lowest-cost supplier ended up with.

I can always install the pxeboot initrd and vmlinuz images off the installation media, boot them via grub, and do a network install. But that seems to work only with wired Ethernet.

Given that issues with wireless firmware have, apparently, been squared away recently (at least for some wireless hardware), would it be possible to add the necessary firmware files to the install image, together with the wireless kernel modules? If so, it would be possible to activate the wireless card, pick an access point, and supply the key. Once the IP address is obtained from DHCP, the existing network install should then work just fine, over the wireless.

I don't seem to remember hearing about any distro being able to install over wireless. It would be quite a hoot.

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