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Re: does the DVD ISO for F10 ever change?

suvayu ali wrote:
2008/11/26 Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au <mailto:ignored_mailbox yahoo com au>>

    problem with that *may* be if the list was very long.

how about piping it to xargs ?

something like,

<the query> | xargs yum -y install

I think <the query> has to be replaced by something like <cat query list>. I'll give it a try. In this case I had to edit the list as I was changing architecture from i386 to x86_64 (can someone please come up with an acronym easier to type than x86_64?) i64? a64? 8664? x64? w64? 8byte? 8b? b8? ib8? 0x4? I'm open to suggestion. Of all of the above I like ib8 best, intel byte 8 architecture (native pointer size or word size). Let the ia64 stay the same.

Thank you for a worthwhile suggestion. I seem to end up doing this every 6 months, so I want to come up with an easy method. Preupgrade is an option if there isn't an architecture change.


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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