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Re: Fedora 10 on a Dell 2950 - problems on first boot

I'm trying to get Fedora 10 installed on a new Dell 2950 with a PERC6
(megaraid_sas)  device. It appears to install correctly, but on first
boot it fails. I've removed rhgb and quiet from the boot params and
you can see the result here (there's some overlap between


What's odd, is that there are "Unable to access resume device" and
"error mounting /dev/root on /sysroot" errors (second screenshot)
before the PERC volumes are detected (fourth screenshot). I can only
assume that it's getting ahead of itself, and this is the problem.
Once it gets to this stage, nothing happens (apart from the screen
blanking after a while).

Has anyone had a similar problem? Is there a kernel parameter I can
pass to get it to boot?

//Yes to both of these questions. You have to pass "scsi_mod.scan=sync" to the kernel.

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