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Re: Packages without source?

Bill Davidsen wrote:
Why are there packages for which there are no corresponding source? Given the number of packages which are not part of Fedora because they are not licensed in open enough fashion, I would expect that all of the packages which are available as binary are also available as source.

My latest run-in with this is xawtv, which I believe I got from rawhide, version "xawtv.i386 3.95-8.fc9" for which I find no source. It appears


Using "yumdownloader --source xawtv" should also retrieve the SRPM for you.

Where were you looking for it?

> to be compiled in some "safe" configuration, with no mmx, sse, etc,
> and is dog slow. I attempted to compile the source from the original
> site, but that will not compile with the current FC9 or 10 gcc.

It may be worth filing a bug but there could be sound reasons why this was chosen by the maintainer. I know nothing about xawtv so I can't really comment on that.


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