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Re: F10 Post install encrypt partition issue

On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 09:29:50 -0600,
  Jason Smith <jvsmith digitalmatter us> wrote:
> During the boot process I get prompted for the passphrase to unlock the
> encryption for /root. Once the system gets to the interactive boot process
> and does the check disks routine I do not get prompted to enter a passphrase
> to allow access to  the encrypted /home.

Normally the password for / and swap are done early. For other file systems
it happens in the udev step.

> I've verified through in maintenance mode that /etc/crypttab looks fine and
> the same with /etc/fstab. I can unlock my encrypted /home by running
> cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/mapper/VGSys-LVHome
> luks-d8590a73-6fd0-46e5-8135-3ad739f58f6c and providing the passphrase. I
> then can mount /home. So I know things with that are good and the data is
> there. The problem is that during bootup it just doesn't prompt for the
> passphrase to unlock /home.

You might try rerunning mkinitrd in case the old one wasn't created correctly.

> >From what I can tell /etc/rc.sysinit is responsible for mount partitions and
> in the case of encrypted volumes asking for the passphrase. I'm wondering if
> this is a bug.

I think there is a bug somewhere as things shouldn't have gotten into this
state. But I don't know where.

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