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Re: multiboot F9 and F10 with a common /boot ?

Tom Horsley wrote:
On Thu, 27 Nov 2008 11:35:33 -0500
Peter Teuben <teuben astro umd edu> wrote:

Any issues? E.g. if you update, will the last one updated always make
itself the default boot?

Yep, that and other problems.

What I did was salvage a /boot partition from an old OS I was
getting rid of and use it as a stand alone grub. I just have
chainloader entries pointing to all the other partitions
I want to be able to boot, and when I install in the other
partitions, I tell it to install grub in the partition, not in
the MBR of the hard disk.

So, I get one grub screen for all the chainloaders, and that
boots into another grub screen for the OS I pick from the
first screen. Each OS manages it's own boot directory, everyone
plays nice together.

I do the same thing except I use configfile instead of chainloader. Works for linux. e.g.

title Fedora 10 sata 1 boot 2
	root (hd2,1)
	configfile /grub/menu.lst

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