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Re: usb drive issues

Dennis Kaptain wrote:
> I have a Seagate FreeAgentDesktop 500GB USB HDD. When I plug it
> in, sometimes it mounts, sometimes not. The drive is formatted with
> ext3 FS.
Does this drive have its own power supply, or is it USB powered? If
it has its own power supply, make sure you turn it on before you
connect it to the USB buss. I normally allow 10 seconds to give the
drive time to spin up.

I never really thought of it before, but I suspect the USB storage
module is setup up for solid-state drives, and may need tweaking for
 hard drives. I leave that question for someone that knows more then
I do about the driver.

> I want to be able to fsck the disk but I don't know how to get a
> entry in /dev. The disk (when it works) shows up as /dev/sdb /dev/sdb1
> How do I use the usb bus and device data to make a /dev/sdb entry
> so I can do a fsck?
I believe the proper place to do this is in a HAL rule. There may
already be a setting you can change to have the file system checked
before mounting...


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