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Re: Is there a way to put an application icon in the "tray" ?

On Thu, 2008-11-27 at 19:26 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
> >
> > Give this woman a cigar.   It works, excellently.   Thanks for taking
> > the time to explain that.
> >
> > Next question... I have been watching some KDE youtube videos and I see
> > that someone people have their application icons show up in the middle
> > of the panel ala the Mac OS.   How does one do that ?
> >
> That would be by using the Center icon on that second, config, panel that you 
> saw. Remember the ones that looked like a word processor set?

I saw the Center item in that menu and in fact, I tried it, but it
didn't do anything... at first glance.  I found the slider and adjusted
it and now I have a centered panel.

So... next question... If I remove the task manager widget from the
panel, where do apps go when I minimize them ?  Or do I need a second
panel for that ?

> > BTW: KDE 4.1.3 is visually awesome.  By that I mean it looks very nice.
> > So much better than KDE 3.5.
> >
> There are a lot of real goodies in KDE 4.1, but they aren't always obvious at 
> first. 

I'm finding that out !

>  It's a bit like when you first started in linux and you saw someone 
> mention something that you just have to try :-)  I'm happy to help in any way 
> I can, but also you should bookmark http://userbase.kde.org.  There are lots 
> of helpful links there, particularly about plasma, which is the thing most 
> people find hard to digest :-)  The Glossary has links to youtube videos, too, 
> that help with new things.

I'll check it out right now.

Thanks for all your help, Anne.  Your contributions to Linux are
incredible and greatly appreciated.  Keep up the good work. 

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