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Re: usb drive issues

> Dennis Kaptain wrote:

> > I have a Seagate FreeAgentDesktop 500GB USB HDD. When I plug it
> > in, sometimes it mounts, sometimes not. The drive is formatted with
> > ext3 FS.
> Does this drive have its own power supply, or is it USB powered? If
> it has its own power supply, make sure you turn it on before you
> connect it to the USB buss. I normally allow 10 seconds to give the
> drive time to spin up.
> I never really thought of it before, but I suspect the USB storage
> module is setup up for solid-state drives, and may need tweaking for
> hard drives. I leave that question for someone that knows more then
> I do about the driver.
> > I want to be able to fsck the disk but I don't know how to get a
> > entry in /dev. The disk (when it works) shows up as /dev/sdb /dev/sdb1
> > How do I use the usb bus and device data to make a /dev/sdb entry
> > so I can do a fsck?
> > 
> I believe the proper place to do this is in a HAL rule. There may
> already be a setting you can change to have the file system checked
> before mounting...
> Mikkel
> -- 

Yes this drive has it's own power supply. Yes I plug in the external power supply before connecting the USB connector.
Sometimes the drive mounts without a problem. When I try to copy more than a few MB of data it un-mounts itself and generates an error. 
What I'd like to do is have a entry /dev/sdb1 and have it not mounted so I can fsck. I think if I umount /media/backup it will also delete the /dev entry.


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