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Re: HELP (RPM - what package a file is from)

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 27 November 2008 19:51:57 Todd Zullinger wrote:

>>        rpm {-q|--query} [select-options] [query-options]
>> [...]
>>    select-options
>>         [PACKAGE_NAME] [-a,--all] [-f,--file FILE]
>>         [-g,--group GROUP] {-p,--package PACKAGE_FILE]
>>         [--fileid MD5] [--hdrid SHA1] [--pkgid MD5] [--tid TID]
>>         [--querybynumber HDRNUM] [--triggeredby PACKAGE_NAME]
>>         [--whatprovides CAPABILITY] [--whatrequires CAPABILITY]
> Hold on - I think the missing key is there.  Are you saying that
> parameters with { } are obligatory?  No-one has ever mentioned that
> before in anything I've read.  That would explain a lot.

Yeah, the {-q|--query} specifies the mode.  Then the "select-options"
and "query-options" refine how the query is performed.  I suppose that
could be clearer.  The description section in the man page does say:

    One of the following basic modes must be selected: Query, Verify,
    Signature Check, Install/Upgrade/Freshen, Uninstall, Initialize
    Database, Rebuild Database, Resign, Add Signature, Set
    Owners/Groups, Show Querytags, and Show Configuration

> Thanks for that.

My pleasure.  I'm glad it was helpful.

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