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Re: booting hangs on grub

Peter Lesterhuis writes:

I did an upgrade from F9 to F10. I chose the option to also upgrade the bootloader. This is something I regret now, because when I boot the proces is hanging, the screen is flickering en shows the word "grub" about a hundred times.
Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Something broke during the upgrade. Try to rerun the installer, choose the upgrade again, and let it quickly figure out that nothing needs upgrading. Another attempt will be made to reinstall grub. See if that fixes it.

If it's still broken, boot the installer and choose the recovery mode. chroot /mnt/sysimage, then rerun /sbin/grub-install.

If it's still broken, your device map is probably wrong. Grab the contents of your menu.lst, while you're in the recovery shell, as well as the contents of /boot/device.map, and explain what storage devices you have in this machine.

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