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F10 Firefox 3.0.4 - text entry field ugliness/corruption

After upgrading from F9 to F10, the new Firefox 3.0.4 comes up with its UI text entry fields (such as the URL field) initially drawn with light gray background color.

Moving other desktop windows across Firefox's URL field causes some parts of the re-exposed portions of the URL field redrawn with the white background color, while other parts of the same text field keep their light gray background. After moving the input focus into the URL field, newly-typed text has white background, the remaining part of the URL field still carries a light gray background. Moving the focus away from the URL field, to some other part of the Firefox window causes the entire URL field to revert to the light gray background.

After loading up Bugzilla to enter a new bug, for an unrelated component, Bugzilla's various text entry fields also vacillate and cannot make up their mind whether their background color is light gray, or white.

Anyone else seeing same fugliness?

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