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Problem with f10 HD install initiated from grub

I have been following the other posts about problems with NFS installs due to
changes in anaconda. However I am having what appears to be a related
problem with an HD install but initiated from grub rather than using
physical media containing either the DVD image or netinst.iso burned to a

I copied the DVD iso to a partition which will not be formatted during the
install. The system is an existing F9 with SELinux enabled.

I then loop mounted the iso image and copied the vmlinuz and initrd.img
files to /boot and then amended /boot/grub/grub.conf to contain a new
section to boot the kernel from this vmlinuz file with initrd as above.

The boot begins but if I select hard drive method it immediately tells me
that there is not installation media on the specified partition.

So I copied the images directory and its contents to the same directory as
the iso file. The images directory now contains the install.img file.

Trying to boot the installation again gives the same error when it gets to
the HD directory definition for where the iso image is.

So I tried to follow
and amended the boot line to include 
repo=hd:/dev/sda6:path/to/iso stage2=hd:/dev/sda6:path/to/install.img 
and booted - it gives the same error again.

I have also tried the "askmethod" added to the kernel line at boot and it
makes no difference.

Now some of my computers do not have a DVD drive so for those it is
essential that I can boot the install using this method.

Does anyone have a working alternative to booting from physical media to get
f10 install started for an HD install?

Does it make any difference if the netinst.iso file is used instead of the
DVD iso file??

If so why does this make a difference?

Installing F10 is going to be quite problematic for me unless I can find a
workaround to the HD problem.
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