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Re: My nvidia driver for has a problem...

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 5:40 AM, Linuxguy123 <linuxguy123 gmail com> wrote:
> I've got a problem with my nvidia driver for kernel   I
> first noticed it when I got a gl related error while trying to run
> FlightGear.
> How would I troubleshoot this and where would I report it ?   Is it a
> Fedora issue ?  A kernel issue ?  Nvidia ?
> I've got the output from the Xorg logs if anyone wants to see.  From a
> user point of view, everything looks fine until I try to run a GL
> application.
> Thanks


have you tried the driver from rpmfusion? for me it worked without a
hitch. Driver from nvidia used to work up to my FC8 machine but not
anymore in F10. So I tried rpmfusion and it just works (including GL)
without touching any config files. May be this will work for you too.

have a look at this

By the way I am using 96xx version of nvidia card.


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