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Re: Evolution and F10

On Fri, 2008-11-28 at 08:34 -0500, Ed Gurski wrote:
> I upgraded from F9 to F10 without problems. However, Evolution's
> behavior has changed.
> In F9, I could view all my unread messages in the Unread folder and when
> finished reading them, I could either hit Cntrl-E or navigate to a
> different folder. Once I navigated back to the Unread folder, all the
> messages would be gone.
> In F10, as soon as the message is read, it disappears into it's
> respective folder and I loose the preview.
> Is this a bug or a new feature?  I disabled allowing messages to be
> marked read after N seconds, but that is not a long term solution...

The version of Evo in F10 is 2.24, which has some changes to the
indexing machinery (it now uses an SQL database), and there are still
some kinks with virtual folders (e.g. the unread message count is often
wrong). Since Unread is a vfolder, this might be what you're seeing.

In any case, you'd probably get more feedback from the Evo list


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