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Re: [Bulk] fedora-list Digest, Vol 57, Issue 191

DB wrote:
> Hi Mikkel,
> Thanks for the idea... but it doesn't appear to work.
> On my Toshiba, I select "boot from FDD" & the system comes up in XP -
> from the HDD.
> On my desktop, I can select either USB HDD or USB FDD, it worgles about
> a bit &.... comes up with Fedora 9 from the hard drive.
> My USB stick is 2 GB, & I used the Livecd-to-USB program from the Fed10
> page.  According to Gparted, the stick is formatted Fat32 & flagged as
> Boot.  And only has the 2 live cd folders on it.
> Is it possible that the bios chokes on the size of the partition??
> Cheers
> Dave
The USB HDD should be the correct setting. I do not think the BIOS
is having a problem with the partition size. I suspect that the
problem is that the boot loader did not get installed on the USB
drive. I have run into this a couple of times. There should be a
troubleshooting section that covers this. I don't remember the the
fix offhand, but I think it was an option to the Livecd-to-USB program.

I hope this helps.

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