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Re: usb drive issues

Dennis Kaptain wrote:
> Yes this drive has it's own power supply. Yes I plug in the
> external power supply before connecting the USB connector.
> Sometimes the drive mounts without a problem. When I try to copy
> more than a few MB of data it un-mounts itself and generates an error.
> What I'd like to do is have a entry /dev/sdb1 and have it not
> mounted so I can fsck. I think if I umount /media/backup it will
> also delete the /dev entry.
Unmounting /media/backup should not delete the /dev entries. Only
unplugging the drive should do that.

It sounds like there is a hardware problem of some kind if the drive
disconnects after transferring a few MB of data. What is hte error
message you get?

If you want an entry in /etc/fstab, then you will want to create a
udev rule for the drive, giving it a specific symlink, and using the
symlink in /etc/fstab. That way, if you have a USB memory stick or
something already using /dev/sdb, you can still mount the drive.
After we fix the other problems, I can help you with that.


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