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Re: Data persistence/ retaining setup/ booting with a Live USB release ?

Around 02:08pm on Friday, November 28, 2008 (UK time), Linuxguy123 scrawled:

> My friend's laptop died.  She needs to reinstall XP but she has lost her
> install disks and the XP install disks we have tried thus far don't work
> for her machine. 
> I like F10 so much I am thinking of recommending it for her machine.
> I'd like to send her a USB flash drive with F10 on it that she could try
> on her machine.

If your friend is not particularly "into computers and maintain them"
then I suggest you try a different distro from Fedora, so that she won't
need to upgrade to a new version every year.  Something like CentOS or
Ubuntu would be better I would think.  If it were me I would use CentOS
- I use it on my servers and its configuration is similar to Fedora.
However lots of people who want there PC to just work like Ubuntu
(including my son and his girlfriend).

BTW, I have used Fedora, and RH before it on my primary workstation.
But I enjoy playing with it.


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