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Re: F10 HD install - anyone successfully done this?

Tom Horsley-3 wrote:
> title Install Fedora 10 x86_64
> 	root (hd0,1)
> 	kernel /boot/x86_64/vmlinuz noselinux asknetwork
> repo=hd:/dev/sdc5:/iso-images/Fedora-10-x86_64-DVD
> 	initrd /boot/x86_64/initrd.img

Indeed so but the crucial difference is the extra "/" in the path definition
at "sdc5:/iso-images" in the kernel line.... in all past versions of Fedora
doing something similar required the path relative to the top of the
partition to not start with a "/" - now this is needed for the first time. 
Previously in F9 and earlier this would instead have had "sdc5:iso-images"
or when choosing the HD install from the graphical menu and entering the
partition as /dev/sdc5 at the top and then tabbing down to the path you
would previously have entered "iso-images/Fedora-10-x86_64-DVD" now the
leading "/" is essential.

I have added a comment to the bz at

In addition this looks related to the reports of issues with NFS installs
where the file images/install.img could not be found?
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