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Re: idea! what about an official F10 post release on say 15 December

On Fri, 2008-11-28 at 17:19 -0500, David wrote:
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> Fred Silsbee wrote:
> > we'd have a new set of CD and DVD images
> > 
> > What is the rush on getting F10 out officially!
> > 
> > The emails coming in are scary.
> > 
> > Guess I'll wait a month or two!
> This has never happened before now and, if I was you, I would not hold
> my breath waiting for this to happen this time.  ;-)
> - --

Wasn't there a Fedora 9 "respin" ?

I agree with the OP.  While I wouldn't say F10 is scary, there are a lot
of little things that don't work. (I've been running RH and Fedora since
RH8, so I've seen a release or two...)

If Fedora/KDE are going to continue releasing software of this maturity,
I think the time before support expires should be increased and there
should be a 2 week pre release - release.

I'm running F10 as my daily OS.  Its beautiful and its great, but I've
spent a lot of time the last couple days troubleshooting and reporting
bugs and I am not done.

Another thing that would help this is if there was more pre release
testing and bug reporting.  See my post requesting F10/KDE4.2 Live CDs.
I am not willing to install pre release sw on my machine, but I will
test with Live CDs.  

I am sure that the release sw quality would improve quite a bit if we
all spent a few hours running the pre release software. 

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