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Wierd permissions running system-config-services.

I modified the /etc/pam.d/gdm to allow the root gui login by commenting the 
user != root, and that worked, but have a strange result.

Running Systems Administration Services runs the system-config-services 
program, but nothing changes.

Starting program from a terminal window also results in no change, but does 
show messages on the terminal window, but nothing on the gui.

Doing an su - in the terminal window, and then running system-config-
services results in a working program, and no messages displaying on the 
terminal window. 

Looked at the env and found the XAUTHORITY is very different between the 
regular root terminal and the su - root terminal.


There are other differences in the environment, but that is what stands out.

With a regular user, running these things prompts for the root id. 

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