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Re: idea! what about an official F10 post release on say 15 December

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Linuxguy123 wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-11-28 at 17:19 -0500, David wrote:
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>> Fred Silsbee wrote:
>>> we'd have a new set of CD and DVD images
>>> What is the rush on getting F10 out officially!
>>> The emails coming in are scary.
>>> Guess I'll wait a month or two!
>> This has never happened before now and, if I was you, I would not hold
>> my breath waiting for this to happen this time.  ;-)
>> - --
> Wasn't there a Fedora 9 "respin" ?
> I agree with the OP.  While I wouldn't say F10 is scary, there are a lot
> of little things that don't work. (I've been running RH and Fedora since
> RH8, so I've seen a release or two...)
> If Fedora/KDE are going to continue releasing software of this maturity,
> I think the time before support expires should be increased and there
> should be a 2 week pre release - release.
> I'm running F10 as my daily OS.  Its beautiful and its great, but I've
> spent a lot of time the last couple days troubleshooting and reporting
> bugs and I am not done.
> Another thing that would help this is if there was more pre release
> testing and bug reporting.  See my post requesting F10/KDE4.2 Live CDs.
> I am not willing to install pre release sw on my machine, but I will
> test with Live CDs.  
> I am sure that the release sw quality would improve quite a bit if we
> all spent a few hours running the pre release software. 

I was speaking of an official Fedora re-spin release.

It seems that you are thinking of Fedora Unity releases. ISO's that have
the updated released packages replacing the original packages.

They are not official Fedora releases. Which is what I said.
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