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Re: F10 HD install - anyone successfully done this?

I've tried most of the different install types (not for Fedora 10
exclusively but other Fedoras over the years, plus CentOS), and I find
the easiest is the http (url) install method. I mount the DVD iso on a
web server document path (e.g. the document root,
/var/www/html/f10install), make sure the web server on that machine is a
trusted service, extract the boot.iso image, boot to that on the target
machine, and at the boot: prompt I type

linux askmethod

and when prompted for the method I specify the url choice and then point
it to the installation image mentioned above.

This is fast if the target machine has a fast processor and reasonably
quick hard drive.

Bob Cochran

Mike Cloaked wrote:
> I have tried various ways to persuade my laptop to install F10 from the DVD
> iso file stored on one of the partitions that will not be formatted during
> the install. Nothing I have tried gets the install to continue past the
> stage where the Partition holding the iso image is selected. It says it
> cannot find the install media and seems to have added images/install.img to
> the end of the directory path where my iso file is stored.
> I have also tried by adding the images directory to the same directory
> containing the iso, and within it is the install.img file
> Telling the install to point to the directory on the partition containing
> the DVD iso and the images directory still gives an error message that
> anaconda cannot find the install media.
> I have tried from the netinst iso burned to a physical CD disk, the vmlinuz
> and initrd.img extracted from this iso and referred from grub to boot it,
> from the extracted vmlinuz and initrd.img from the DVD iso booted via grub,
> and whichever way I start the HD install it always fails at the same point.
> I could use the DVD on this machine as it does have a DVD drive but I have
> other machines without a DVD drive that I would like to install from the DVD
> iso on the hard drive.
> Does anyone have a confirmation that an HD install does work?  I am
> wondering if this is just my specific hardware that is tripping up anaconda
> in this case - so other reports would be valuable.
> if I can successfully do an HD install on this machine I have some hope that
> it is possible on other machines... and if so what is the trick. I have been
> doing installs this way for quite a few years with all previous versions of
> Fedora including F9. The only difference is that in this case the images are
> stored on a laptop which has f9 with SElinux enabled so I don't know if this
> makes any difference - I can't see that it should and the iso files are
> readable by all users with permissions set to 755.
> I have tried adding linux askmethod to the install, instead of the graphical
> boot - but every way I try for an HD install fails at the same point and I
> am getting heartily frustrated now.
> Can anyone report success please?

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