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FWIW: No complaints about preupgrade here

Nobody ever complains when something works right, so I thought I'd
lead by example. And there's been a number of messages lately
reporting that preupgrade doesn't work right.

Upgrades typically take a long time, so I figured the long holiday
weekend was the perfect opportunity. I uncharacteristically decided to
risk doing the entire process remotely, so I didn't even need to drive
to work.

>From home, I logged into my development machine at work. executed
preupgrade-cli, which proceeded to download 979 packages and told me
to reboot to complete the upgrade. Held my breath and typed "shutdown
-r now" and waited. At first, I thought it screwed up because 20
minutes later I still couldn't log into my machine. I despaired of the
disaster I was going to find when I went back to work Monday.

But this morning, I made another attempt at contact. To my delight,
the machine was responding to pings and I was able to log in. From
what I can tell, the upgrade was a complete success. All services on
the machine seem to be running as expected.

So I completely expect to be running a shiny new Fedora 10 next week
with virtually no fuss. Thanks, everyone, for writing great software!

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