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F10 question: using vpnc ???


F10 is looking good on my eeepc 901! I installed from the DVD (trimmed out
a lot of stuff). Been working on configuration and making good progress.

But there are two things I haven't figured out yet: 
1) I've been through the network configuration screens. I've set up wired
(eth0) and wireless (ra0) using the rt2680 packages from RPMFusion.

I also set up a cisco vpn (vpnc) and can't figure out how the heck to
make it start up. I don't find any tools ANYWHERE for starting it.
It won't start from the commandline because the configuration I entered
for it was not saved in /etc/vpnc. where does the netw ork config tool
save them? What tool does one use to control it?

i've got knetworkmanager installed, but it doesn't DO anything when I
run it. I see it in the output of "ps ax | grep knet" but there's no UI.
Should there be?

2) I've got a strange device showing in the output of /sbin/ifconfig. 
in addition to eth0 (wired), lo (loopback), and ra0 (wireless) there's
a device named "virbr0". No clue where that came from. it has both an
IPv4 and IPv6 address, though my network is 192.168.2.x, and this device
is 192.168.122.x which isn't even an address I'd assign manually, nor one
that my dhcp server would have assigned. I can ssh to it and log in on
it just fine. but I don't see why it exists, or how it got there. Clues

Thanks a bunch!

And thanks to the whole Fedora team! :)

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                              who strengthens me.
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