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Fedora 10 on Asus eee 701 feedback

I would just to drop a few comments on using Fedora 10 on my little Asus 701.

I'm impressed how well installation went and how it work nice in
fullscreen on eee's small 7" screen.

After installing I had issues with wireless and webcam. I can start
cheese and I can see the led turn on but I don't see anything in
cheese window.

Wireless worked out-of-the-box with new ath5k module and I could see
all networks and connected to my WPA network but I can't surf web
sites :(

I tried pinging my adls router and I get a lot of drop packages and
ping times over 2000ms :(

After compiling madwifi-hal and blacklisting ath5k wireless started
working perfectly.

I also tried "Connection sharing" with eee conected through wire and
created a new wireless connection for others to connect to. I tried
with one client to connect to asus eee AP but it also got a lot of
dropped packages :(

I posted a bug for this:

Are there any asus eee users that have similar experience? Any
tips/tricks for us eee users?

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