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Re: Query

Dr. Basavraj Kadalage wrote:
Hello Friends..

I am very new to linux. I am currently using windows vista on my Sony Vaio CR11 laptop and I wanted to download latest fedora-10 to install. Can anyone tell me which version is to be downloaded with torrent for my machine? I can see many versions on torrent listing of redhat.

Which of this??

I suggest another alternative

Go to the list of mirrors:

Pick one that is close to your physical location and download the x86_64 DVD ISO or the multiple CD ISO. If you want to run 32 bit choose the i386 instead of the x86_64.

Here is a typical one.


You should probably use http, though with an ftp you can use wget or curl which have resume capability that allows continuing if something breaks the connection.

Burn it to disc and boot to install.

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